Air Classification Machines

Hosokawa Micron Ltd. have developed a diverse range of air classification machines for the varying requirements of differing classifier applications.

Fine fractions or oversized particles can interfere with further processing, or even result in a final product which is unsuitable for its application. This, along with the many processors requiring steep particle size distributions, means it is important that particle size distribution through air classification is as precise and consistent as possible.

Our classifier machines, used within the pharmaceuticalchemicalmineral, and toner industries, have been designed with the most up to date technology and research, and offer easy operation and maintenance. They work by separating materials by size, shape, and density to produce particle size distributions that are uniform, homogeneous, smooth, and dry.

Combining technology from Alpine, Micron, and Mikro, Hosokawa Micron Ltd. offers one of the most extensive range of air classifier equipment on the market today, from high volume workhorses which handle hundreds of tonnes per hour, to those handling just a few grams.

Air classification product range

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