Training Packages

Protect your investment by up-skilling your operators

Developing the practical skills and knowledge of your in-house operator and maintenance teams is vital to ensure the consistent performance of your plant and equipment, now and for the future.

Up-skilling your operators to be confident using your equipment goes a long way to protecting the investment you have made in a piece of Hosokawa Micron machinery by ensuring it is in safe hands when operating. The same can be said about your in-house maintenance teams. The safety of your equipment is paramount and it is incumbent on your maintenance team to ensure that it is looking after your machinery investments properly and has the necessary knowledge and practical skills to deal with day-to-day requirements.

In the transition towards digitalisation and intelligent manufacturing, up-skilling your operators and maintenance teams allows your processes to be productive and up-to-date, ensuring your business can be more competitive and profitable.

Tailor-made Training Packages

Hosokawa Micron offers tailor-made Training Packages at your manufacturing plant, built around your team’s specific needs and the equipment you have. We are also pleased to offer refresher and update courses when required, which is particularly important if the equipment has been upgraded with performance improvement technology such as Hosokawa Gen4, Hosokawa Micron’s specially created digital toolkit for process manufacturers.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Training

An exciting development in our capabilities is the option to provide your company with training via virtual reality and augmented reality. The precision tracking technology we have in place is perfect for operators or maintenance engineers needing to learn about equipment assembly and disassembly procedures by virtually examining and manipulating ‘life size’ components.

Bespoke Instruction Manuals and Troubleshooting Guides

Every piece of equipment or intelligent software Hosokawa Micron supplies comes complete with a comprehensive instruction manual and troubleshooting guide. The Hosokawa Micron equipment we supply is manufactured by us and tailor-made to each customer’s specification. Our user-friendly manuals are specially compiled for each machine to provide clear, detailed and unique guidance in order to operate them safely and to their maximum advantage.

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your Hosokawa Micron equipment, our helpful troubleshooting guides can provide an immediate resolution to the problem, enabling you to fix the issue and resume production as soon as possible. If this is not the case, our experienced maintenance engineers are on hand to offer support, either as part of your Maintenance Package or if emergency help and advice is required.

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