Spare Parts & Consumables

Our spare parts and consumables will help to reduce downtime
and maintain efficiency

Every customer of Hosokawa Micron can be assured that when they need spare parts and consumables, we can quickly provide them, giving peace of mind that your Hosokawa equipment benefits from consistently excellent performance and minimum downtime.

Our friendly Lifecycle Services team will support you by fulfilling all of your spare parts and consumables requirements throughout the lifecycle of your

Integral to helping ensure minimal downtime of your Hosokawa-branded equipment, we carry a stock of spare parts and consumables. The efficiency of our supply chain means we can very quickly provide genuine, quality-assured, reliable and affordable spare parts and consumables for your Hosokawa machinery. For your convenience, Spare Parts Packages can be expertly tailor-made to best suit your requirements.

Benefits of our Spare Parts and Consumables Packages include:

A dedicated Lifecycle Management Team that supports you and fulfils your requirements

Tailor-made packages to suit your requirements

A service that provides peace of mind, reduces downtime and ensures equipment longevity

Fast delivery of in-stock spare parts and consumables

Quality Assurance Inspections for each spare part we supply

Our Spare Parts and Consumables Packages are complemented by our range of Maintenance Packages, creating a comprehensive lifecycle maintenance service and giving additional peace of mind.
For further information on our Maintenance Packages, please click below
Gen4-enabled Equipment

For Hosokawa Gen4-enabled equipment, the process can be even simpler, with smart technology identifying and alerting you of a potential requirement for a spare part due
to reduced performance, for example.

You also have the option to have Hosokawa Micron monitor your equipment remotely, allowing us to know
exactly when you’ll require a spare part. We can even have an engineer and the spare part on the way to you in no
time, if necessary, as soon as the alert comes through.

Tailor-made Solutions

We collaborate with you and your in-house maintenance teams to develop structured, budget-conscious and tailor-made solutions for each maintenance management scenario by offering forward-thinking solutions and expert
customer support from our friendly Lifecycle Services team.

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