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Hosokawa Gen4 is our dynamic digital toolkit for data-driven manufacturing.
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Hosokawa Gen4 is our dynamic digital toolkit for data-driven manufacturing. The intelligent software utilises an easy-to-follow Understand, Monitor, Control methodology based on Industry 4.0 practices and converts real-time data from sensors and controls into flexible, scalable and secure solutions that optimise people, processes, productivity and profitability in a process manufacturing environment.

If you want to reduce product defects, improve yield and consistency, reduce your energy bills, shift your efforts to higher-value activities, up-skill your workforce, be more efficient, fill gaps in your production capacity, mitigate manufacturing issues beyond your control that could be detrimental to your operations, drive business growth, increase your profitability and reap the rewards of other tangible benefits, this is the software for you.

Why choose Hosokawa Micron Ltd to help your digital transformation?

We created our Hosokawa Gen4 intelligent software specifically for the process manufacturing industry in collaboration with a host of cutting-edge technology partners who we identified as being the best in the fields of Industry 4.0, control and automation, SaaS and enterprise software. And we know it works. Around the world, our software capability is being applied to Hosokawa Micron Group’s Contract Manufacturing services, which has enabled us to optimise our own manufacturing processes and help future-proof our business.

Our knowledge, expertise and capabilities

The dedicated Hosokawa Gen4 team has a wealth of manufacturing and digitalisation expertise. We are process manufacturing experts in many diverse sectors – including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, nuclear, defence and space – and our knowledge, experience and capabilities mean that our intelligent software is unique and relevant; utilising our first-hand manufacturing expertise, we carefully and methodically created software that process manufacturers want and need.

How can Hosokawa Micron help my manufacturing business?

Hosokawa Micron can guide you through the potentially confusing and challenging transition from traditional to intelligent manufacturing. The Hosokawa Gen4 Solutions service can help you to develop and adopt your digital strategy from scratch or we can jump in at a later stage, depending on your digital readiness. We can also supply and fit the Hosokawa Gen4 software and hardware that will be the catalyst for your transformation, whether you require a new piece of Hosokawa Micron process manufacturing equipment, enabled with Hosokawa Gen4 software, or wish to upgrade your existing Hosokawa Micron equipment or system to include Hosokawa Gen4 technology.

Digital Strategy Solutions from Hosokawa Micron

Our dedicated Hosokawa Gen4 team devises tailor-made digital strategies for the manufacturing industry. With modular options available – including Process Solutions, Optimisation & Modelling, Remote Monitoring (or any combination of the three options) – Hosokawa Gen4 has all of the integrated solutions and intelligent software capability you need to operate in a smart factory environment, from initial concept to training your teams to make the most of the software. To complement this service, we also write and produce bespoke troubleshooting guides for each piece of Hosokawa Gen4-enabled equipment.

Hosokawa Gen4 – a bespoke modular solution implemented at a pace to suit you

Every digital solution we formulate is bespoke, devised by working in partnership with each customer, and we can work at a pace of change that is comfortable for your business – taking into account your unique challenges and requirements. You can be confident that each Hosokawa Gen4 solution we present is dynamically engineered specifically to positively affect your business. Conveniently, our tried and tested software is modular to allow for minimum disruption to your manufacturing processes.

Hosokawa Gen4 equipment application options

Hosokawa Gen4 intelligent software for data-driven manufacturing is conveniently adaptable and flexible, currently offering you two potential options for its integration into your process manufacturing plant…

  1. Supplying new Hosokawa Micron equipment with integrated Hosokawa Gen4 software
  2. Upgrading your Hosokawa Micron equipment or system with Hosokawa Gen4 software

Hosokawa Micron is proud to have sixty process manufacturing machines in our portfolio. Applications range from containment, drying, filling and weighing, size reduction, mixing and blending and we work for customers from diverse industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nuclear, chemicals, space, defence, soaps and detergents, powder coatings and ceramics. If you are looking for new process manufacturing equipment that is enabled for intelligent software, you can view our range of products here.

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