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If investing in new equipment is not viable at the moment, the option to upgrade your current Hosokawa Micron equipment could help to extend the life of your equipment, future-proof your business and allow you to remain competitive in the interim.

Eco-awareness, the Industry 4.0 concept and new technology are now powering real change in the manufacturing industry, as businesses of all sizes focus on becoming more robust and modernising their factories and equipment.

Whether it is to meet new processing requirements, improve the operator experience, extend the life of your equipment, ensure your equipment is as eco-friendly as possible, improve your equipment’s performance or minimise the potential risk of breakdowns, the Lifecycle Services team at Hosokawa Micron offers a range of upgrading products, technology and support services to help.

Hosokawa Micron equipment upgrade options include:
  • 5D flexible or rigid containment screens
  • Energy/noise-reducing extractor fans
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Temperature control packages
  • PIR sensors (standby mode)
  • Glove integrity test kits
  • Hosokawa Gen4 intelligent software integration
  • Equipment relocation and revalidation
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