Containment Testing

Be reassured by our specialist containment testing expertise

Carried out on-site by Hosokawa Micron, in accordance with ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) Guidelines, leak testing and Operator Exposure Level (OEL) testing enable you to benefit from our specialist containment expertise and an in-depth understanding of your containment requirements at all stages of construction.

Testing of your new equipment is initially carried out at Hosokawa Micron prior to equipment installation, during Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), while Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) are made in-situ following installation of your equipment. Testing is designed to assess the levels of operator exposure and validate the performance of your containment equipment and systems.

Performed by our expert in-house air monitoring-trained and IOSH-certified industrial chemists, OEL testing will ensure your containment equipment meets legal requirements for safe operation, not only before and after installation, but also whenever operational changes are made.

Hosokawa Micron’s OEL Testing services are applicable to both our industry-leading, off-the-shelf, equipment portfolio and our bespoke equipment specifically designed to meet customer requirements, including Downflow Booths, Filling and Weighing Systems, Laminar Flow Cabinets, plus Isolators and Gloveboxes, used to manufacture potent pharmaceutical products, for example. Our Class 1 Nuclear containment systems also benefit from this critical level of testing, due to their use in processing hazardous materials

ISPE Guidelines

A Schedule of Air Monitoring Testing is established in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE). These defined, industry-standard methods and protocols serve to provide consistent, repeatable data from which the evaluation of your Hosokawa Micron powder processing equipment can be made in regards to material hazard control.

These important tests are an integral part of Hosokawa Micron’s full certification service. Developed in collaboration with each customer, the containment tests remain subject to risk assessment and HACCP review, in the case of food production management.

Independent Evaluation for Additional Peace of Mind

For additional reassurance, sample analysis is undertaken by an independent laboratory for the purposes of independent evaluation, while sample results are reported over the course of the testing process.

Containment Testing of non-Hosokawa Micron Equipment

With our wide range of specialist containment experience, we are proud to be able to offer a Containment Testing Service for equipment that has not been manufactured by Hosokawa Micron. Customers can be assured of the highest standards of service from our chemists and the same validation guarantees that we offer for a piece of Hosokawa Micron equipment.

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