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Our team of engineering specialists will collaborate with you to deliver the best solution for your processing requirements
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When you choose to engage Hosokawa Micron in your procurement process, you are benefitting from the accumulated specialist knowledge of engineers, product experts, our in-house technical team and accomplished manufacturing industry professionals.

There is no hard sell, but an opportunity to collaborate with a product team that not only has in-depth knowledge of every piece of equipment in our portfolio, but also of the technical application processes the equipment will be used for in a wide spectrum of industry sectors.

Whether you are a new or returning customer, you can be sure you are liaising with a process manufacturing expert throughout the procurement process. With a wealth of relevant experience and up-to-date, thorough processing knowledge, our technical and engineering specialists will take the time to collaborate with you to establish your specific requirements in order to provide full equipment costs rather than the cheapest base price, which may not comply with your requirements or offer the best solution for your needs.

Hosokawa Micron offers standard equipment, as well as innovative bespoke equipment, created for each customer and their specific applications. We work with honesty and integrity to ensure the quotation we provide you with is as realistic as possible from the start, whilst keeping in mind your budget, and are happy to offer advice and revisit or adapt the elements of the quotation to be more cost-effective, if necessary. Where applicable, we will also provide costings for additional options that will enhance the equipment’s functionality and capabilities.

At Hosokawa Micron, we understand that purchasing new specialist processing equipment and systems is an investment. High performance, reliability, quality and integrating the latest technology and processes go hand in hand with offering our customers value for money and a professional service throughout.

Containment and Processing Equipment

Hosokawa Micron boasts an industry-leading portfolio of precision-engineered equipment for the high containment of potentially harmful powders, solids, liquids, vapours and gases for industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, minerals, nuclear, soaps and detergents, cosmetics, defence and agrochemicals. We also design and manufacture processing equipment for sectors such as food and beverage, rubber and ceramics.

Why choose Hosokawa Micron for your Processing Equipment and Systems?

Hosokawa Micron is a full-service supplier of high-performance processing equipment and systems for a variety of specialist applications and industries.

Tailored Lifecycle Services Support

Hosokawa Micron’s service doesn’t end when you choose to invest in our equipment or process systems. We believe we have a duty of care to provide excellent quality support that will span the lifecycle of our products and beyond.

Research and Development Capabilities

Hosokawa Micron has been at the forefront of processing technologies for more than a century, underpinned by an unrivalled knowledge of the technical aspects of processing and containing materials such as powders and particles.

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