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Hosokawa Gen4 – intelligent software for data-driven manufacturing created by a process manufacturing expert

UK-based Hosokawa Micron Ltd is an industry-leading manufacturer of containment and processing equipment and systems, as well as a successful contract manufacturer, with more than a century of technology innovation expertise and customers across the globe.

Our extensive manufacturing and engineering knowledge – gathered from decades of experience working within multiple industry sectors – has uniquely positioned us to create Hosokawa Gen4, an intelligent software system that is absolutely tailored for data-driven process manufacturing.

Collaborating over a number of years with the best cutting-edge technology partners in the fields of Industry 4.0, control and automation, SaaS and enterprise software, Hosokawa Gen4 has been meticulously developed.

We’ve tested it, we’ve perfected it, we use it ourselves. We are now sharing our bespoke Hosokawa Gen4 intelligent software and digital strategy solutions with our international portfolio of SME and blue-chip equipment and process systems customers.

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What is Intelligent Software?

Intelligent software and digitalisation are all around us; it’s the convenient and empowering smart technology that connects us all and gives us the means to gather and assimilate information in real-time.

Hosokawa Gen4

Hosokawa Micron Ltd is one of the world’s leading suppliers of cutting-edge processing equipment and systems for a comprehensive range of manufacturing sectors, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, nuclear, cosmetics, food and beverage, minerals, soaps and detergents, powder coatings and smart materials.

Hosokawa Gen4 for Process Manufacturing Industries

Hosokawa Micron Ltd is a specialist designer, engineer and manufacturer of industry-leading powder processing equipment and systems for customers worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital transformations and technology are exciting but implementing them can be a daunting prospect. Here, we’ve answered the questions we are asked most often.

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