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Whether you’re a start-up manufacturing business, an established SME or a huge global brand, the key to implementing a successful digital strategy is understanding what business outcomes to impact and why.

Hosokawa Micron is a specialist process manufacturing and containment equipment expert with more than a century of powder processing experience within many sectors and applications, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, nuclear, minerals, defence, powder coatings, cosmetics and homecare.

Our combined process manufacturing, engineering and digitalisation expertise mean we are a unique provider of digital transformation services and intelligent software to the process manufacturing sectors. We couldn’t be better placed to understand these industries and have used this to our advantage to create digital transformation solutions and software that we know will work for our customers.

Alongside our expertise in designing and manufacturing processing and containment equipment for customers globally, we are also an established contract manufacturer, processing a variety of materials for our food and chemicals customers, from multi-tonne lots to small kg batches. This gave us the perfect opportunity to develop and robustly test our strategies and data-driven manufacturing software, Hosokawa Gen4. The software is now an integral part of our contract manufacturing processes and is used to successfully optimise our people and processes, make us more productive and increase our profitability.

Three Flexible Solutions

The expert Hosokawa Gen4 digitalisation team offers digital strategy solutions that are tailored specifically for each customer. The team and customer work in partnership to co-create a strategy that can be implemented at a pace of change that the customer is comfortable with, in response to their unique challenges and requirements.

At every stage, our friendly experts are here to support and guide you through the complex, potentially confusing transition from traditional to intelligent manufacturing.

Our dynamic, modular business offerings are designed to cause minimal disruption and maximum impact to day-to-day plant operations during integration. There are three main phases: Process Solutions, Remote Monitoring and Optimisation and Modelling. The flexibility of our comprehensive digital services means that we can offer customers one, two or all three of the phases in any combination or sequence.

Process Solutions

Process solutions are important for the initial stages of a digital transformation. This is the point where the Hosokawa Gen4 team becomes part of your digital transformation team. We get to know you and your company and discover your transformation vision and business objectives.

We’ll analyse your current assets and processes to find out what you have, what you need and what upgrades you’d benefit from and we’ll make recommendations that keep your budget in mind. We’ll link to your process data to see exactly where and how the optimisation of your processes and assets can be achieved. Our professional team will offer creative, achievable solutions while maintaining confidentiality.

Remote Monitoring

Hosokawa Gen4 intelligent software is a dynamic, digital toolkit that can be integrated into your equipment and process systems to convert and analyse real-time data from sensors and controls. This provides powerful intelligence via our expertly created Hosokawa Gen4 ReMs App that will help you to manage your processes, people and equipment more effectively.

Convenient, clever and extremely useful, main features include bespoke troubleshooting guides and training manuals for Hosokawa Micron equipment and systems, real-time smart alerts, asset performance analytics, reporting mechanisms and tools to assist with predictive and preventative maintenance.

Better still, these features can be accessed remotely via smart phone, tablet or computer, 24/7, from anywhere in the world via your Cloud service of choice, giving chosen stakeholders the ability to act upon a plant’s manufacturing issues immediately, whether they are on premise or not.

For further information about the Hosokawa Gen4 ReMs App, please click here.

Optimisation and Modelling

Optimisation and modelling finalise Hosokawa Gen4’s connectivity services. Having established where and how we can help use technology to improve your processes and having monitored the performance of your assets, we’ll work with your transformation team to make sure the necessary upgrading work is undertaken to begin a successful optimisation process. There are a number of technology and service provider options available when connecting equipment. We’ll take you through the choices and help you make the decision that is right for your business.

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