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Our multi-functional, adjustable Vitomix ribbon screw batch mixer combines gentle to mid-shear mixing that is perfect for challenging blending processes, including introducing delicate, fragile and sensitive ingredients to materials such as powders, pastes and slurries, coating powders with powders and incorporating liquids, fats, fragrances, coating agents and flavourings without the need for a separate lump breaker.

Product Information

This mixer offers a high level of homogeneity in the end product as frequently demanded by the food & beverage, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries.

Our multi-functional, adjustable Vitomix ribbon screw batch mixer combines gentle to mid-shear mixing that is perfect for challenging blending processes, including introducing delicate, fragile and sensitive ingredients to materials such as powders, pastes and slurries, coating powders with powders and incorporating liquids, fats, fragrances, coating agents and flavourings without the need for a separate lump breaker.

The energy-efficient, compact Vitomix benefits from the latest technology and consistently delivers premium-quality, perfectly homogenised and soluble mixtures up to eight times quicker than traditional ribbon screw mixers on the market – even when running at low speeds – thanks to its innovative design and impressive functionality, which makes it incredibly economical to operate, reduces the cleaning time and requirement for intermediate material storage and improves the quality of the end product. Vitomix’s conical shape, uniquely designed set of mixing screws and large outlet ensure a typical yield level for free-flowing powders of an impressive 99.99%.

Conveniently, Hosokawa Micron’s high-performance Vitomix ribbon screw mixer is available in a number of sizes, with capacities typically ranging from 0.5m3 to 10m3 volume (up to 13,000 litres) and a height reaching almost five metres for the largest model in the range.

Hosokawa Micron’s Vitomix ribbon screw mixer is perfect for challenging batch mixing and blending of ingredients for products such as feed additives, instant soups, spices and infant formula. It excels at lecithinising raw materials, including cocoa powder, to increase its solubility in instant hot chocolate drinks and cocoa-based pastes, for example, while also being an excellent solution for effortlessly combining bulk foodstuffs such as starch, salt and fat with more fragile ingredients – such as freeze-dried vegetables, croutons, pasta and noodles – to create uniform, homogenous and high-quality products such as instant soups and flavoured noodles.

  • Compact and robust design
  • Efficient and reliable using renowned Nauta® technology
  • Combines gentle and low to mid-shear mixing capabilities
  • Up to eight times faster mixing than standard ribbon screw mixers
  • Fast and full discharge via its bottom discharge valve (typically 99.9% yield)
  • Suitable for powders, pastes and slurries
  • Add liquids and fats without using a separate lump breaker
  • Energy-efficient using the latest technology
  • Variable speeds between 0.4 m/s and 6.0 m/s
  • Wide variety of optional accessories available
  • Multi-processing capabilities
  • Optional CIP/WIP system
  • Available in a range of capacities up to 10m3
  • Aseptic, hygienic, vacuum pressure and wear resistant designs
  • Full operating manuals supplied
  • Site installation and commissioning service
  • Customer product trial service available

Hosokawa Micron’s high-performance Vitomix is an extremely efficient batch mixer featuring two symmetrical ribbon screws that allow it to perfectly blend a variety of materials together up to eight times more quickly than standard mixers.

This multi-functional solution even allows for hygienically performing challenging processing functions, such as successfully integrating fragile food ingredients into bulk powders and introducing liquids into dry mixes.

The two symmetrical ribbon screws built into the mixer are mounted on an orbital arm that efficiently conveys the raw batch material downwards using gravity and the high rotational speed of the agitator when mid-shear mixing. So efficient is the technology that, even at lower speeds, the Hosokawa Micron Vitomix processes more quickly and efficiently than traditional screw-type mixers.

The configuration of the conical screws creates a fluidised bed in the upper section of the cone-shaped mixer, meaning it is also ideal for adding in liquids without creating lumps. Conveniently, Hosokawa Micron’s adaptable design for the mixer allows for a liquid spraying system to be fitted through the axel, with the flexibility to be located at a variety of points and with the number of nozzles and lances of your choosing without interfering with the integrity of the mixing properties or spraying on metal parts.

Adding to the multi-functional nature of the standalone equipment, the Vitomix can also integrate a number of other processing operations in addition to its ability to mix and blend – such as drying, heating, cooling, deaerating, granulating and coating – while features such as the large bottom outlet typically allow 99.99% of free-flowing powder to successfully exit the equipment without segregation, guaranteeing an excellent yield while maximising efficiency and providing very low operational costs.

Conveniently, Hosokawa Micron offers customers the opportunity to trial their materials using Vitomix equipment. Our expert team can even carry out individual tests to allow customers to examine the suitability and performance credentials of the equipment (in multiple processing scenarios) at our dedicated testing and development facility, including mixing cohesive powders, injecting fluids such as sunflower oil into flour and mixing water with guar gum and Na-CMC, a notoriously difficult process that can often result in lump formation when normal mixers are used.

Customers are warmly welcomed and are encouraged to view the trials in person or remotely via video link, collaborating with our process experts in real time and benefitting from also being able to observe and examine the trialled material samples.

The state-of-the-art Vitomix ribbon screw mixer by Hosokawa Micron can be used as a standalone piece of equipment or as part of a complex, turnkey process system, which can be designed and tailor-made to meet very specific processing requirements and for a multitude of diverse industry sectors and product characteristics.

Hosokawa Micron boasts more than a century of first-hand experience and in-depth knowledge regarding processing and containment technologies for materials including powders, particles and liquids. Working in close collaboration with each customer, we design, manufacture, install and commission high-performance bespoke process systems that are innovative, reliable, efficient, functional, built to last and create the finest-quality powdered products while also adhering to the latest international safety standards.

We understand that system integration is key to achieving optimal processing performance and quality in all types of processing applications, including mixing. A perfect combination of conveying, charging, mixing, discharging, sieving and packing is required for optimal production capability.

For a Vitomix system, we are able to design and supply a huge array of additional equipment to supplement the mixer itself, including components such as liquid tanks, conveying systems, manual charging hoppers, control sieves, metal detectors, big bag discharge systems, packing machines and control cabinets loaded with the latest electrical technology.

As a highly experienced manufacturer of equipment to process hazardous materials, Hosokawa Micron can offer ATEX-standard Vitomix process systems and have a number of ATEX-certified mixers in our product portfolio. When potential ignition sources are unavoidable, we will also advise on countermeasures that can be integrated into the equipment design, in accordance with the very latest ATEX directives.

Hosokawa Micron is well aware that an investment in equipment and systems should be backed up by a customer’s peace of mind and 100% confidence that the investment will deliver on every commercial level. This is why we have the capacity and capability to test your product prior to creating a finalised design to determine and ensure the best process solution for your needs and offer in-house laboratory-scale and production-size trials at our modern testing facilities, when required.

  • Sampler
  • Level indicator
  • Liquid injection
  • Lump breaker
  • Pneumatic or mechanical knockers
  • Access door with seals to FDA standards
  • Heating or cooling jacket
  • Load cells
  • ISEM ball segment valve
  • Slide gate valve
  • Charging hopper
  • Orbital arm positioning
  • Hinged cover
  • Filter
  • Lifting device/steel structure
  • Temperature sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • CIP/WIP system
  • Powder and/or liquid dosing
  • System controls
  • Hygienic design
  • Sterile/aseptic design
  • Wear/corrosion-resistant design

The multi-functional Vitomix ribbon screw mixer is just one of a comprehensive range of mixers manufactured and supplied by Hosokawa Micron and is perfect for quickly and extremely accurately blending food and beverage products. Hosokawa Micron is one of the world’s leading suppliers of processing equipment to (highly regulated) baby food powder manufacturers, who trust our bespoke, energy-efficient mixing equipment and systems to deliver end products of the highest quality.

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