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Hosokawa’s Rotoplex range of high-performance granulators have achieved cult status amongst many manufacturing industries, thanks to our decades of comminution experience, successful product development and continual technology innovation. Our very popular Rotoplex RO 50/80 model, for example, has been in constant production since 1965 and is now in its seventh generation.

Product Information

The Hosokawa Micron Rotoplex Ro is a range of high-performance granulators that have achieved cult status amongst many manufacturing industries.

Product Description

The world-famous Rotoplex RO range of cutting equipment is known for its strength, reliability, stability and energy-efficiency, with a patented cross-scissor cut rotor blade to guarantee a sharp cut and minimal dust residue. The adaptable range utilises the latest technology and is ergonomically designed to be as user-friendly and efficient as possible while providing unparalleled yield and maximum purity of material. The Rotoplex RO’s robust construction provides a very smooth operation and improved reduction in noise and vibration – making it the perfect choice for any cuttable material, particularly if a powerful cutting force and high production rate are required.

There are no fewer than sixteen standard models in Hosokawa’s extremely practical Rotoplex RO range, but custom-made equipment and process systems integrating bespoke Rotoplex RO equipment can be designed and manufactured in-house to suit customer and material requirements. In addition, a selection of Rotoplex RO models and process system configurations are available for product trials and material testing at one of Hosokawa’s state-of-the-art testing centres.


Hosokawa Micron’s versatile Rotoplex RO comprises sixteen models of varying sizes and configurations (RO 28/40, RO 28/60, RO 36/60, RO40/63, RO 50/80, RO50/100, RO 50/125, RO 63/100, RO 63/125, RO 80/125, RO 80/160, RO 80/190, RO 90/190, RO 90/224, RO 90/300).

Rotoplex RO 28/40 to RO 36/60

The smallest models (RO 28/40 to RO 36/60) are known as the ‘little giants’ of the range and are extremely popular. The ergonomic design of the mill rotor, combined with a robust cast iron housing, ensures excellent dimensional stability and longevity, while the individually laid out motor and product feed systems can be adapted to suit the application and customer specification, with a hinged screen support for easy removal and superb accessibility for cleaning and maintenance purposes. These models offer a throughput of between 250kg and 400kg per hour.

Rotoplex RO 40/63 to RO 63/125

The standard mid-range Rotoplex RO 50/80 model has been in continuous production for almost sixty years and is known for its flexibility, reliability and workhorse capability. Now in its seventh incarnation, this model offers a throughput of approximately 1,050kgs per hour and employs a 37-75kw motor to power its five rotor knife rows and four stator knife rows. For additional convenience, performance and flexibility, the mid-range collection of Rotoplex RO models (RO 40/63 to RO 63/125) offers a number of additional features, if required, which are listed below.

Rotoplex RO 80/150 to RO 90/300

The largest models in the Rotoplex RO range (RO 80/150 to RO 90/300) are as impressive in operation as they are in their design and engineering and are completely reliable options for processing materials such as film, cable, fibre, leather, chunks and non-woven materials. The most heavy-duty version in the range (RO 90/300) employs two powerful 250kw drives and boasts ten rotor knife rows and seven stator knife rows, which are capable of processing up to eight tonnes of material per hour. For maximum production flexibility, the larger models are perfect for dynamic and intermittent loads, along with maximum permanent loads and each boasts a specially designed shaft bearing to prevent penetration of the product into the bearing and the ingress of excess lubricant into the grinding chamber.

Used For

The Rotoplex RO is a heavy-duty, compact granulator conveniently available in a wide range of standard sizes and configurations. Between them, the range is capable of handling hard, fibrous, tough and wet materials that require cutting and coarse or fine grinding, such as vulcanised rubber, tear-resistant synthetic and natural fibres, film, tea leaves, spices, dried vegetables, paper, plastic rejects, recyclable material, leather, cork, wood, fibre glass, pipework and vehicle interiors. The range can also mechanically recover mixed cable scrap, disintegrate textile fibre composites and process chemical products, such as construction materials, in inert operating mode.

Key Features

  • Robust construction in high-grade cast iron (GGG40) or stainless-steel
  • Compact design with smooth performance
  • Handles a wide variety of cuttable materials
  • Maximum cutting performance from the patented cross-scissor cut rotor
  • Ergonomic cutting elements: rotor knives on one side, stator knives on four sides
  • Efficient product feeding and throughput
  • Cutting gap adjustment after knife exchange
  • Special shaft bearing to prevent product penetration
  • Minimal dust creation and efficient dedusting
  • Excellent performance, reliability and value for money
  • Verifiable energy-efficient operation (20% reduction in energy consumption)
  • Removable cover for effortless cleaning and maintenance
  • Available in standard or bespoke designs
  • Standard or tangential chute available

Did You Know?

The Rotoplex RO 50/80 is used by Hosokawa Micron’s Technical Services team for contract manufacturing purposes, including processing chemical materials for our customers.

System Solutions

Designed and manufactured by our sister company, Hosokawa Alpine, in Germany, the Rotoplex RO granulator range is available as a standard piece of size reduction equipment but may also be integrated into a process system, if required.

Hosokawa Micron Group is an expert designer and manufacturer of high-performance processing and containment equipment and systems for a wide range of materials, from the finest powders to the hardest metals, minerals and advanced materials.

Working in collaboration with our sister companies, Hosokawa Micron Ltd has decades of expertise in processing innovation, providing high-performance solutions for manufacturing companies all over the world. Our dedicated product, engineering and manufacturing teams would be delighted to help you with your processing challenges, so please get in touch to find out more.

Optional Features

  • Choice of rotor versions
  • Available in stainless steel or chemical nickel plating, if required
  • Standard or bespoke dedusting systems available
  • Variety of sound insulation options available, including a soundproof cabin
  • Pneumatic product discharge, dedusting and filter technology (RO 80/125 to RO 90/300)
  • Designs for wet processing (RO 80/125 to RO 90/300)
  • Designs for applications with a minimised leakage gas rate (RO 80/125 to RO 90/300)
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