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MZM and MZF zigzag classifiers

Gravity classifiers for sharp separations in the range 0.3 – 10 mm. Alpine offers zigzag classifiers in two different designs: MZM and MZF.

Typical applications:

  • Oleiferous seeds: classifying systems for separating cracked soy beans or sunflower seeds.
  • Precious metals: the separation of copper, aluminium or lead from the insulation material of previously cut cable scrap.
  • Dust removal from plastic granules, coke, chalk, fertilisers, bauxite, etc.


Product Information

Gravity classifiers for sharp separations in the range 0.3 – 10 mm. Alpine offers zigzag classifiers in two different designs: MZM and MZF.

MZM and MZF zigzag classifiers

Each design is available in a range of machine sizes from a single-tube to a multi-tube classifier ideal for sharp separations in the range d97 = approx. 0.3 – 10 mm.

Throughputs can range from a few kg/h in the case of the laboratory classifier up to approximately 200 t/h for the industrial scale multi-tube classifier. Classification takes place at every change in direction of the zigzag tube and permits an extremely high, step-less adjustable precision of cut. The result is clean-cut fines or lightweight material, even under overload conditions.

These classifiers offer; maintenance-free and wear-resistance, overload-proof and insensitivity to changes in the feed material composition.

As a result of these characteristics, once set, the classifying system can be operated over long periods without any supervision at all.

MZM and MZF zigzag classifiers Specifications

Single as an MZM or multi tube as an MZF.

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