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Kompaktor ARC MS Roller Press

Technology Application
Agglomeration & Compaction
Applicable Industries
Chemicals Minerals Agrochemicals

Adaptable and offering the highest processing levels, the Kompaktor ARC MS roller press is an energy-efficient, robust piece of equipment, designed and engineered for specialised use by the minerals, chemicals and metals industries to process a diverse array of powders into process-critical compacted granulate or briquette shapes.


Product Information

The Kompaktor ARC MS and CS ranges are just two of a range of roller presses manufactured by the Hosokawa Micron Group, with specialist standalone versions and tailor-made process systems available for the pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral, metal and food industries.

Perfect for a variety of applications and performance levels, the expansive range comprises eleven models of varying sizes, between them offering typical throughputs of between 0.5 and 250 tonnes per hour. Conveniently, thanks to the size range and modular design of the components, the Kompaktor ARC MS can be very specifically tailored to customer requirements to suit the particular demands of the raw material and can be supplied as an individual machine or integrated into a complex process system, if required.

The Kompaktor ARC CS 25 is the sister product to the Kompaktor ARC MS and is a much smaller version suitable for laboratory and R&D use in the chemical and mineral sectors. Also capable of compacting powder into granulate or briquette format, this easy-to-maintain model is perfect for abrasive products and has a throughput of up to 500kgs per hour.

The Kompaktor ARC HK is a specialist product for manufacturing charcoal briquettes, while the Kompaktor ARC K excels at processing chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The compact Pharmapaktor APC C and Kompaktor APC L ranges between them efficiently process small to medium-sized batches (1.5kgs to 400kgs per hour) of ultrafine APIs into granulate, flakes or briquettes for the highly demanding pharmaceutical industry.

There are eleven models available in the comprehensive Kompaktor ARC MS range: (ARC MS 36, ARC MS 60, ARC MS 75, ARC MS 110, ARC MS 150, ARC MS 180, ARC MS 300, ARC MS 450, ARC MS 600, ARC MS 800 and ARC MS 1100). The largest version can process up to 250 tonnes of mineral material per hour, depending on the product.

There are a wide range of options available, including versions to meet ATEX standards and systems that can include other Hosokawa Micron Group equipment, such as Pre-Breakers and various mixers, as well as liquid binders and screening equipment. Many Hosokawa briquetting systems do not require binders to successfully process the materials.

Kompaktor ARC MS 36 60 85 180 300 450 600 800 1000
Press force (kN) 360 600 850 1800 3000 4500 6000 8000 10000
Roller diameter (mm) 300 400 520 520 712 850 1100 1100 1400
Throughput in t/h 0,5 – 1,2 0,8 – 5 2 – 8 5 – 15 8 – 30 20 – 80 80 – 120 100 – 200 150 – 250


In addition to the Kompaktor ARC MS range, we also offer a wider collection of specialist roller presses and system solutions, including the Kompaktor ARC CS 25, which can process small amounts of mineral or chemical products, so is ideal for laboratory and R&D purposes. This option is perfect for frequent product changes and processing abrasive materials, due to its ease of maintenance, including efficient roller replacement, when required.

Kompaktor ARC CS 25
Permissible total press force (t) 25
Press force (kN) 250
Roller diameter (mm) 228
Roller width (mm) 64 – 80
Throughput in kg/h 200 – 500


  • Stainless steel product contact parts
  • Wear-resistant materials
  • Wide variety of roll geometries
  • Segmented rolls
  • Water cooling for press rolls
  • Extra wide rolls with several feed screws
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Sealing gap rinsing
  • Roll gap measurement
  • ATEX-standard designs
  • Dust-tight option
  • Gas-tight option
  • Inert operating mode

The Kompaktor ARC MS roller press series has been specifically engineered to be used by the minerals, metals and chemicals industries for compressing powder material into briquettes or granules. In the minerals industry, the roller press can be used to make products such as fertiliser granules, while for chemical manufacturing, it is used to improve the flow and behaviour properties of powders and increase bulk weight, as well as prolong the storage life. Materials suitable for this roller press include copper, chrome steel, glass frit, kaolin, resin, talc and salt.

  • Robust build quality
  • Energy-efficient, economical operation
  • Low maintenance and easy to assemble and reassemble
  • Perfectly weighted for excellent throughput rates
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Modular design for flexible, individual solutions
  • Can be tailored to very specific processing requirements
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Automatic, stable press force control
  • Exact reproducibility of product parameters
  • Excellent quality processed material
  • Can be integrated with the latest remote monitoring technology
  • Wide range of specialist options available
  • Briquetting and granulation process systems
  • ATEX version available

Hosokawa Micron offers a complete range of services that can take the Kompaktor ARC MS equipment and bespoke process systems from concept right through to maintenance and upgrades. Our powder processing expertise is world renowned and, for customers who wish to test their materials and process system configurations as part of the planning phase, we can provide specialist technical services at our dedicated laboratory, as well as fully equipped testing facilities.

The Kompaktor ARC MS roller press is perfect for the very specific, often complex, requirements of the chemical, metal and mineral industries. Safety, product protection, powder characteristics and practicality are just a few of the many important considerations for meeting powder processing challenges in these sectors.

The mineral industry benefits from the dedusting that briquetting allows, as well as the granules that can be produced for products such as fertiliser, while the chemical industry benefits from how the smaller variants of the Kompaktor ARC MS can stylise and affect the material by improving flow properties and the length of storage time, increasing the bulk weight and improving the flow behaviour of the powders.

Mainly used as part of a wider processing system designed to compact and produce granules or briquettes, raw or partially processed material is efficiently fed into the Kompaktor via gravity, proceeding down through the wear-protected mechanism to a choice of either segmented or solid rollers, or roll tyres, where the material is crushed and compacted into granules or briquettes, depending on requirements.

The Kompaktor’s rollers are configured into a mill shaft design, making them very durable and robust during operation despite the consistent, extremely high press forces involved, enabled by the special roll bearings.

Offering many qualities that benefit the material properties, vacuum de-aeration helps to process light products, while gas-tight or dust-tight housings, plus roller water cooling systems, stainless-steel components, inert operating mode and a choice of roll designs are ideal for dealing with a variety of challenging materials.

The Kompaktor ARC MS range is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, with capacities ranging from 0.5 up to 250 tonnes per hour, depending on the material.

Kompaktor ARC CS 25

Sister product of the ARC MS, the Kompaktor ARC CS 25 is a smaller version that, despite its relatively diminutive size, is robust, powerful and suitable for frequent product changes and abrasive materials. Like the Kompaktor ARC MS, it can compact, briquette and granulate.

The ARC CS 25 roller press is ideal for laboratory use and processing small amounts of chemical or mineral material (up to 500kgs per hour). Features include optional vacuum de-aeration, wear-protected components, different feeder auger screw systems, hydraulics for working gap settings and a cantilevered roller arrangement for easy changing and maintenance of the rollers.

Hosokawa’s Kompaktor ARC MS can be purchased as standalone equipment, but we do have the expertise, capability and product ranges to integrate the roller press into a complex tailor-made process system, if required, including screening machines, mixers, hoppers, Pre-Breakers and specialist containment equipment, such as Isolators and Filling and Weighing Systems.

Hosokawa Micron is an expert powder and particle processing company. We have a rich, century-long heritage and have always been at the vanguard of innovation and technology that has evolved as much as the industry sectors we serve.

Our industry knowledge and expertise are renowned around the world, with customers trusting us to develop and manufacture premium processing equipment and system solutions of the highest build quality which will provide specific, bespoke processing capabilities, optimal efficiency, value for money and years of reliable service.

We have a team of highly experienced in-house experts in our technical, design, engineering, digitalisation, manufacturing and lifecycle departments in the UK – supported by our international sister companies in Europe and beyond.

Hosokawa Micron Ltd offers everything from R&D, particle design, NPD and powder testing, to design studies, digital engineering and design, assembly, commissioning and aftersales services such as containment testing, training, maintenance packages, optimisation, upgrades and contract manufacturing. Our service is comprehensive, wide-ranging and always professional and we excel at collaborating with our customers to create the best solution for their particular requirements.

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