The uniquely designed Hosokawa Micron Extrudomix offers efficient continuous or batch continuous mixing of solids and solids and liquids – with the ability to mix materials ranging from free flowing powders through to viscous pastes and plastic masses.

  • The chamber design (especially in the Pharmaceutical application machines) is designed to promote free material transit with minimal product retention at the end of the processing cycle
  • Jacketed housings and hollow shafts enable product heating or cooling
  • Efficient and adjustable shear input and heat transfer makes applications very diverse including back mixing or simply forming wet cake products for drying efficiency
  • Can also act as a product conditioner before spheronization and drying


Product Information

The uniquely designed Hosokawa Micron Extrudomix offers efficient continuous or batch continuous mixing of solids and solids and liquids.

Hosokawa Micron has created the uniquely designed Extrudomix to be an efficient, high-performance, low pressure mixer/agglomerator, offering light to heavy-duty processing solutions, from continuous and continuous batch processing, to product conditioning prior to spheronization and fluid bed drying. Available in five sizes – with the capability to process between a few kgs and up to 1,820kgs per hour, depending on the model size and material to be handled – its versatility in production capability extends to the types of materials it can process, which range from free-flowing powders, right through to viscous pastes and plastics. Effortless mixing of solids with solids and solids with liquids or additives, without the need for pre-mixing, adds to its appeal. The Extrudomix incorporates a specially designed chamber that facilitates the free transit of materials with minimal retention following the processing cycle, which is of particular advantage to pharmaceutical manufacturers, who can hygienically agglomerate powders and binders to GMP standards with ease. Its adjustable shear input, heat transfer and highly efficient back mixing features permit simple wet cake formulation preparation for successful drying, widening the Extrudomix’s appeal to the food and beverage industry, as well as producers of soaps and detergents for household use.

Available in five models (EM6, EM10, EM12, EM15 and EM24) – between them offering a range of rotor sizes, speeds, powers and capacities – the high-performance Hosokawa Micron Extrudomix is constructed from hardwearing carbon steel or stainless-steel components and can be configured to suit individual customer requirements.

Hosokawa Table Extrudomix


Optional Features

  • Jacketed housings or hollow shafts for simple heating or cooling the processing materials
  • Integrated containment for high-level OEL
  • Integrated CIP system
  • Pharmaceutical GMP and sanitary designs are available
  • Extrusions are possible

The Extrudomix is used for continuous and batch continuous mixing of solids, liquids and additives. Using low to medium pressure extrusion, the effect is a continuous kneading, mulling and mixing of fine powders through to stiff, viscous pastes and heavy, plastic-like, doughs and putties. The equipment may be tailor-made for a number of industries, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and agrochemicals.

  • High-performance carbon steel or stainless-steel construction
  • Wide range of sizes, powers and throughputs available
  • Versatile and capable of processing multiple solid materials and liquid at once
  • Improves powder handling
  • High kneading capability
  • Can perform as a product conditioner prior to spheronization and drying
  • Shaft seal for under pressure or vacuum operation
  • Continuous feeding, drying and automated operations are possible
  • Interchangeable anvils and orifice plates to control agglomerate size
  • No pre-mixing of material is required
  • Options for thermal control applications
  • High-quality, dust-free pellet manufacturing
  • Excellent product yield
  • Easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble
  • GMP-standard pharmaceutical designs
  • Standard chemical and semi-hygienic designs
  • CIP option

Hosokawa Micron Extrudomix equipment is used to create instant gravy granules for a food manufacturer in the UK, agglomerates chemical powders for a customer in the Far East and mixes entomopathogenic nematodes for use as a pest control in the agricultural and horticultural industries. Our sanitary EM6 model is used by a pharmaceutical manufacturer to make hormone replacement therapy (HRT) products and includes high-level OEL and integrated CIP features, just two of the options available with the Hosokawa Micron Extrudomix.

Hosokawa Micron’s Extrudomix is used for continuous and batch mixing of wide-ranging material, from ultra-fine powders and liquids to heavy pastes and plastics.

The equipment features discreet zones, incorporating inlets for the introduction of the liquids and solids, with areas containing anvil blocks, rotating paddles and orifice plates throughout, which assist the material to efficiently process through the machine until it is expelled at the discharge.

The Extrudomix features a single, horizontal processing shaft containing radial mixing flights in a spiral configuration that move material from one end of the processing chamber to the other. To provide the back mixing action and successfully expedite the transportation of materials, a system of stationary anvil blocks (attached to the chamber walls) and optional additional internal mixing plates are used to intensify the mixing process and prevent the mass rotation of the material as it transits, allowing for a very high yield of processed material.

Optional jacketed housings or hollow shafts enable the processing material to be heated or cooled, depending on the application requirements.

At the machine discharge, a perforated orifice plate retains the material, regulates the mixing action and, depending on the application, can provide pellets, agglomerates or granules. A simple, but highly effective, sweep blade can also be fitted to process the pellets and granules to a specific length, if required.

Due to the top-bottom open casing, with hinge assembly on the larger models, the operator-friendly Extrudomix can be disassembled easily for cleaning or inspection.

The Hosokawa Micron Extrudomix may be integrated into a process system and the experts at Hosokawa Micron would be delighted to assist with developing a system tailor-made to your processing requirements.

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