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Nanomaterials Society Calls for New Members

The Society for Functional Nanomaterials (FNM), is calling for people with interests in nanoscience with industrial importance to sign up as members, to increase opportunities for collaborative projects and be part of the discussion group.

Founded by Hosokawa Micron Limited, the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and Feedwater Limited UK and launched in September, the Society promotes the benefits of the development of nanomaterials, aiming to create partnership opportunities through an open forum network of individuals, businesses and centres of learning.

Members of the society will benefit from unique networking opportunities, free or reduced rate registration fees for regular mini-conferences, international events, workshops and funding news.

They will also gain access to details of current projects, as well as an ‘industrial speed dating’ notice board where members can seek specific project assistance.

Up until June 30, 2018, all applications to join will be considered for special 1st tier membership which offers additional benefits.

Dr Tapas Sen, Reader in Nanomaterials Chemistry at UCLan’s School of Physical Sciences and Computing, said: “One of the main reasons for slow development of nanoscience in real-life applications is a lack of understanding and collaboration between industry and academia.

“As a member of the society you become part of an exciting and innovative community with a common passion for driving developments in functional nanomaterials, from initial research concepts to commercial production via a fruitful collaboration between academic and industrial organisations.”

By facilitating a formalised matchmaking process, the society can act as a platform which can help the registered members to meet a large number of new people with a shared interest, similar nanoscience aspirations and specific solutions for future collaboration.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the FNM should email info@FNMSociety.org or visit www.FNMSociety.org.

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