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The size and complexity of these operations varies from plant to plant, so we have designed and built several detergent lines incorporating agglomeration and mixing technology as the core processing operation.

The detergent market is a highly competitive one with manufacturers developing a range of formulas to meet consumer needs. In turn manufacturers are looking to secure innovative processes that can also help by reducing energy costs.

Soap first became commercially available in 1884 when Sunlight Soap started being manufactured by Lever & Co in Port Sunlight, England. Detergent powders (or washing powders), on the other hand, have only become commercially popular since the 1950s when domestic washing machines took the place of washboards after World War II. Since then, detergent powders have developed apace in line with advances in powder processing and washing machine innovations.

Manufacturing detergent powders is a complicated business, requiring many processing stages. A number of factors determine the quality of the commercial product and make the laundry detergent market extremely competitive, with manufacturers investing heavily in complex, dust-free formulations that include the optimal amounts of water softeners, bleaches, enzymes, brighteners, fragrances and surfactants. Factors such as energy efficiency, cost and eco-friendly formulations are increasingly important, too.


Bespoke, Energy-saving, Cost-effective Solutions

Hosokawa Micron is an expert in powder processing innovation, with more than a century of equipment, process systems and scientific expertise. We design and manufacture a wide range of bespoke, energy-saving and cost-efficient powder processing equipment for customers around the world who make well-known brands of washing powder, dishwasher tablets and soap. Products include the popular Flexomix, Flake Crusher AFC, Fluid Bed Dryer, Air Classifier Mill and Extrudomix. In addition, we engineer high-performance containment equipment and process systems for the safe handling of potentially hazardous detergent powders, including Laminar Flow Cabinets, Downflow Booths, Filling & Weighing Systems, as well as Drum and Bulk Container Handling Equipment.

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