Hosokawa Micron can offer a wide range of equipment to process extremely hard, high-tech ceramic materials of any kind to maximum contamination free, powder fineness.

Mixing, drying, classifying and wet grinding are typical technologies required in the production of ceramics and Hosokawa Micron has unique equipment capable of multi-stage processing in one unit to deliver real efficiencies of time, energy savings, storage and handling.

Hosokawa Micron has blazed a trail for more than a century in the field of powder processing, both scientifically and through innovations in processing technology, and is immersed in designing, engineering and manufacturing state-of-the-art equipment and technology for high-performance ceramic powder processing, helping to facilitate the advancement of new ceramic materials.

Our diverse portfolio of unique, energy-efficient mixing, freeze-drying, milling and classifying equipment is perfect for processing extremely hard, high-tech ceramic materials that require extremely tight control of their purity, particle size and distribution, shape and heterogeneity, producing contamination-free, ultra-fine and even nano-level powder consistencies.

Traditional and advanced ceramics made from clay and a variety of chemicals and minerals are manipulated using an increasingly wide range of processing techniques. Popular for centuries because of its compressive strength, ceramic is in everyday use by a plethora of sectors – including automotive, defence, nuclear, electronics and battery material.

Ceramic applications are rapidly expanding as technology advances and new functional ceramics are developed; its versatile, hardwearing properties helping to enable space travel, produce super-fast computers, efficiently straighten hair and even decrease pollution. The material is also a key component for consumer products such as porcelain dental appliances and high-end tableware.

As an industry-leading powder handling equipment manufacturer, we also utilise ceramic for our equipment, with ceramic components enabling contamination-free grinding and playing their part to help extend the working life of our equipment and consistently process high-quality powders.

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