Additive Manufacturing & Advanced Materials

As a world-leading expert in powder-handling innovation, we offer a range of flexible, high-performance solutions suitable for the handling and containment of the powders used in the additive manufacturing industry.
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This cutting-edge, advanced technology offers revolutionary opportunities to industrial manufacturers from an array of sectors – including aerospace, automotive, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, space and defence – allowing them to design and manufacture parts that are much lighter and stronger, by the process of 3D printing.

Hosokawa Micron has in its portfolio a number of equipment types that can contain, handle and process materials used for the 3D printing process, including air classifiers, which are the best option for precise metal powder characterisation, bespoke drum handling equipment and systems for safe transfer of materials, filling and weighing systems with an array of available options, as well as high-performance isolators, gloveboxes, nano containment and laminar flow booth equipment. Each piece of containment equipment allows for maximum end product integrity and the safe handling of potentially hazardous materials, including ultra-fine powders.

For the creation of new and advanced functional materials, using particle to particle fusion, our Mechanofusion AMS has the capability to enhance the performance of particles and is suitable for a wide range of applications, from powder metallurgy to ceramics and electronic parts, while our range of Fluidised Bed Opposed Jet Mills is perfect for processing powders for the pigment, powder coating and toner industries, offering contamination-free grinding of pure materials, including metals, ceramics and minerals.

Laboratory Work

Our additive manufacturing and advanced material expertise extend to laboratory work, including research and development projects, using mechanofusion techniques, and contract manufacturing. For further information, please visit our Laboratory Services section.

Additive Manufacturing & Advanced Materials Industry

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